Larry and Kathleen (Kat) Crocker have been raising livestock together in the mountains of North Carolina for over a decade. Larry, though, has been in the business his entire life. He was raised on a farm and went to work at a local dairy at age 14, and believes in the credo of hard work, integrity, and perseverance. These values outline life at Vandele Farms and are what make their products so special.

What began as a small-scale operation to raise pastured pigs, has now grown with market demand for local, sustainable, and humanely raised livestock. Kat and Larry utilize their farm to its full potential. Tucked away in the mountains of Lake Lure, NC, they added a USDA certified processing facility to the grounds in 2018. Such an endeavor was more than an investment, but was a way to fully know the integrity of their products. And with that knowledge comes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They stand behind their pork products, the processing, and any custom recipe for wholesalers because they track the entire cycle. This is their farm—their business—and their legacy.

VIDEO: Vandele Farms and Buxton Hall. © Alexis Shultz

As the business has grown, so too have their offerings for restaurants and wholesalers. The farm now offers weekly deliveries of pork to area restaurants, specialty cuts not found with other processors, and fully customized sausage recipes for brands and wholesalers.


If you’d like to order Vandele Farms products for your restaurant or business, we invite you to call us directly. The number on our website is our personal number, and we look forward to sharing our passion with you!

Cell: 828-429-9312Office: 828-625-0979 ∙ Or feel free to contact us online.

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