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At Vandele Farms, we have a personal guarantee for 100% satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our pasture raised pork and small batch meat processing services.  We value the animals, believe in the sustainability of our land, and ultimately know that the best products begin with the best farming practices. If you have any questions about our farm, we’d love to chat.

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We work with restaurant owners, chefs and wholesalers throughout the southeast.

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AREA Restaurant Owners and Chefs

area restaurants and chefs rely on our local, pastured pork products—from hard-to-find specialty cuts to whole hogs for MEMORABLE bbq.


Butcher Shops and Local Markets

Our usda meat processing facility in lake lure, nc means wholesalers can take advantage of our consistency, quality, and MADE-TO-ORDER recipes.

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To learn about our meat processing facility, specialty cut info, or to schedule regular deliveries to your restaurant, give us a call 828-429-9312 or contact us online.