Our promise

We believe in a sustainable future. As farmers, our duty is first to the land, then to the animals, then to the customer. We know that the best ingredients are born from the best of care—and there are no shortcuts when it comes to caring for things we love. This land has been in our family for decades, and it is our intent to farm this land for years to come. To accomplish this, we promise to:

∙Monitor the health of the land and the animal.

∙Provide open space and clean pasture for our livestock.

∙Place the health of our ecosystem ahead of profits.

∙Utilize the best in agricultural practices.

pig cuts.png


The absolute best sausage we’ve ever had. The quality and care that is taken is top notch. Larry and Kathleen work amazing hard to put out the best quality of meat. We have never been disappointed. —LAURA J.

Their pork is the best! I feel fortunate to have found such high quality from a local farm who truly cares about their animals. I will never buy from anyone else! —TOBY G.

They have an excellent product lacking the factory farm attitude of close quarters. They love their animals and treat them and their customers in a fashion seldom seen anymore. —RONNY W.

Farming real food in a historically agricultural community, Vandele Farms is carrying on a tradition of superb quality of nutrition.—GENEVIEVE H.