We’re a southeast supplier for whole hogs and specialty cuts, and offer delivery of our products to restaurants throughout North and South Carolina. With nearly 20 years in the farming and pork industry, we understand that the best ingredients are born from the best of care. Our animals are humanely tended, offered ample clean pasture, and are raised with purpose.

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When it comes to your restaurant, quality and consistency matters. As a small batch processor, we understand our herd and understand our inventory. We offer a wider variety of cuts than larger processors, and can consistently provide healthy, wholesome whole hogs for restaurants to showcase their amazing talent. Additionally, we know that recipes are almost sacred. We will gladly sign NDAs for custom spice and custom sausage blends. If you’re interested in ordering, please give us a call.

Cell: 828-429-9312Office: 828-625-0979 ∙ Or feel free to contact us online.